ILA 2017 i Florida – The Power of Light!


THINK Florida?  THINK sun!
THINK sun? THINK light!
THINK light?  THINK the International Light Association annual conference!

BE  with us  for  light-packed days adventuring through  personal colour relationships with acclaimed author Dr. Jacob Liberman, prominent psychotherapist Dr. Steven Vazquez,  art and colour guru Theresa Sundt, Lumalight founder Julianne Bien, and Japanese Lightwave Tuning System expert Masako Shimizu.

EXPERIENCE  the acupuncture and  Colorpuncture techniques of Dee Ann Newbold  and Manohar Croke,

LEARN from Deborah Burnett about the health challenges we are facing with new LED light sources, and FIND OUT from Dr. Magda Havas what you need to know to find the “perfect light bulb” and how to counter the health threats posed by today’s electronic sources.

UNDERSTAND the therapeutic use of both light and lighting as explained by Dr. Detlef Schikora, Dr. Octavio Perez, Dr. Pascal Vidal, Dr. Ed Kondrot and Gary Buchanan.

BE UPDATED  on cutting edge research into phototherapy by Dr. Ray Gottlieb, and EXPLORE   light’s role at the root of energy medicine with biologist James Oschman..

If there’s a better way to spend late spring in good company in a vibrant part of the world, we don’t know it.


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